Thursday, February 11, 2010

.the true F R I E N D S H I P .

don't walk in front of me because i may not follow
don't walk behind me because i may not lead
just walk beside me & be my friend
i'll stand by your side
help to fight all your fights
i'll never leave you alone
i'll get a cup & let you fill it up
when you cry
and dump in it the ocean
we will sit & watch it floats away
and when you are happy
i'll captured it in a glass
and i'll pull it out and show it to you
when your are old & dying
i'll crying by your side
and when you are gone
i'll close your eyes
and whisper to you
see you the other side..:))


  1. hye farah ! =)
    i like your blog. it is so interesting for me.
    with colourful colour,style, and design.

  2. salam peah...
    nice blog..i like it..
    please welcome to my blog...
    i'll waiting for you...