Wednesday, October 27, 2010


abes exam BEL311 ari ni.
mknenye pasni da x amek paper english daa..
blaja english dr 6 taun smpai la 19 taun.
english mmg BEST
ENGLISH was my favourite subject since i was in kindergarden
wow ! xpenah dpat gred C ntok subject ni tau. asyik A n B je.
( cehh , bangge plakk ) HAHA
but i dunno why i love this subject
i adore people who talks english fluently
i love people who reads english perfectly
n i admire people who writes english essay correctly
i hope that one day ill be a part of them :))

teachers that taught me english when i was in primary school :
mdm faridah
mdm parvathi
sir nazirr
arghh , i hardly cant remember all laa ;((
secondary school :
form 3 : mdm sheela
form 4 : mdm hadibah
form 5 : mdm reeza haida ( most favourite )

diploma :
1st sem : miss nair shobana ( adore the way she spoke )
2nd sem : mr mah boon yih ( suke bile die speak malay )haha
3rd sem : mdm muriatul khusmah ( sporting , former senior )

whatever it is.
i still love ENGLISH

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